Single Crystal X-ray diffraction Service at DCB

The laboratory of chemical crystallography offers a service of single crystal X-ray diffraction. Purposes of experiments are:

1) Determination of the molecular geometry and the supra-molecular packing of a crystalline form, at room or high/low temperature (90-400 K) depending on the necessity/request.

2) Determination of unit cell and recognition of crystalline phases, only if a standard powder diffraction experiment cannot be carried out (see the solid state chemistry group).

Interested persons should contact Dr. P. Macchi ( or Dr. J. Hauser (

To submit a sample to the service, please fill in the service form, bring it together with the sample to the service cupboard on the second floor and send a notification to the service personnel using
If the crystal structure of the compound is already known, you should say it explicitely and explain the reasons why a new data collection is necessary. If this is only for phase recognition and you have at least 50 mg of sample, then you should request a X-ray powder diffraction experiment to the solid state chemistry service.

At the end of the experiment, you will receive a report with information to be included in experimental sections of any publication and a crystallographic information file (cif).
Absolute structure can be tentatively assigned, but it is not guaranteed.

The costs of this service are available at this link

The experiments are carried out using Oxford Diffraction (now Agilent) SuperNova, equipped with Mo micro-source and Oxford cryosystem 700 for low/high temperature measurements.


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