Curriculum Vitae

Name: Piero Macchi
Title: Prof. Dr.
Born: 1970 in Italy

Vit. B: N/A

Research Badge :

M.Sc. (1994): laurea cum laude, University of Milan with a thesis on applications of Extended Huckel calculations for predicting site preferences in metal carbonyl clusters .

PhD (1999): University of Milan with a thesis on Electron Density Studies and Low Temperature Crystallography of Organometallic Compounds (supervisor: Prof. A. Sironi).

Habilitation (2009): Venia docendi in Chemical Crystallography, University of Bern, defending a thesis on Structural Investigations on soft Bonds

National qualifications for professorship:
- France (2010): Full Professor of Theoretical, Physical and Analythical Chemistry (Section 31)
- Italy (2010): Associate Professor of Inorganic chemistry (Section CHIM03, now 03/B1).
- Italy (2017): Associate Professor of Material Science (Section 03/B2).
- Italy (2013): Full and associate Professor of Inorganic chemistry (Section 03/B1).
- Italy (2017): Full Professor of Physical chemistry (Section 03/A2).
- Italy (2018): Full Professor of Material Science (Section 03/B2).

Postdoctoral Jobs:
1998-1999: Technical Assistant at Structural Chemistry Department, University of Milan;

Academic positions:

1999-2000: Adjunkt (temporary position) at University of Aarhus (Department of Chemistry), member of prof. F. K. Larsen's research group;
Teaching: Bonding and chemical properties in transition metal compounds to M. Sc. and PhD students in chemistry (1999; 30 hours/year);

2002-2008: Researcher and Aggregate professor (permanent position) at Structural Chemistry Department, University of Milan.
2002-2003: Structural Chemistry for Biotechnology B.S. students (48 hours/year);
2007-2008: Structural Chemistry for Chemistry B.S. students (48 hours/year);
2002-2008: Structural investigation of inorganic materials for Chemistry B.S. students (48 hours/year);
2004-2008: Laboratory of General Chemistry (60 hours/year);
Teacher and organizer of Crystallography courses for PhD students in Chemistry (14 hours/year)

2009-: Dozent (permanent position) at Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Bern (since Nov 2009, privatdozent; since April 2018 Ass. Prof.)
Chemical Crystallography (MSc Chemistry/PhD, 28 hours/year), since 2009
Laboratory of Crystal Structure determination (MSc Chemistry/PhD, 80 hours /year), 2009-2017
Molecular symmetry (BSc Chemistry, 28 hours/year), since 2013
Solid State Chemistry (MSc Chemistry; 14 hours/year), since 2014
Quantum Chemistry (BSc Chemistry, 21 hours/year), since 2016
Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry II (BSc Chemistry, 120 hours/year), since 2017

2012: selected for associate professorship in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Rome, declined

Membership and roles in Scientific Societies:
2009-2014: Board memebr and Treasurer (2009-2011) of the Italian Crystallographic Association
2011-: Treasurer (2011-2015), Vice-President (2012-2015) and President (2015-) of the Swiss Crystallographic Association
2011-2014: Chair of the Charge Spin and momentum density special interest group (SIG2), the European Crystallographic Association (ECA).
2011-: Member and chair (2014-2017)of the Commission for Charge Spin and Momentum Density, the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr)
2017-: co-editor of Acta Crystallographica B

Scientific interests:
Low Temperature crystallography
Solid state phase transitions
Charge density studies and software developments
Transition metal chemistry
Ab-initio Theoretical calculations
Hydrogen Bonding
High pressure crystallography
Polarizing microscopy

Publication records:
> 120 papers (including 1 Nature Comm.; 9 JACS, 6 Angew. Chem.; 8 Chem Comm.; 5 Chemistry)
Editor of one Book
> 50 lectures at conferences

1990 and 1992 Sudent Grant from Istituto Donegani (Montedison)
Student Grant from Enichem
Italian Crystallographic Association prize for young researchers

Meetings and school organized:
Advanced methods in X-ray diffraction analysis: The XD programming package Buffalo (NY), May 12-17, 2003
Advanced Methods in X-Ray Charge Density Analysis: Extracting Properties from a Multipole Refinement Martina Franca (Italy) 3-6 Sept. 2007
5thEuropean Charge Density Meeting, Gravedona (Italy) 6-11 June 2008
Co-chair of the Gordon Conference on Electron density distribution and chemical bonding (2010)
Meeting of the Swiss Crystallographic Association, Bern 2011.
CUSO workshop on Hydrogen Bond, Villars (CH), 2012.
Chair of the Gordon Conference on Electron density distribution and chemical bonding (2013)
Chair of the program committee of the XVIII Sagamore conference (S. Margherita di Pula, Italy, 6-12 June 2015)
European Crystallographic Meeting, Basel (CH) 2016 (organizing committee and treasurer)
Robert F. Stewart School on Charge Density, Nancy (France) 2016 (chair)

Meetings to come:
Erice Crysatllographic School, "Quantum Crystallography", Erice (Italy) 2018 (chair)

Software author:
XD - A Computer program package for multipole refinement and Topological Analysis of charge densities from diffraction data

PolaBer A program to compute distributed atomic polarizabilities

Marco Nobile (2000, Ms. Sc. Chemistry, University of Milano, Italy)
Nicola Casati (2003-2006, PhD Chemistry and 2002, Ms. Sc. Chemistry, University of Milano, Italy; currently beamline scientist at PSI)
Nikolina Janjic (2008, PhD Chemistry, University of Milano, Italy)
Elena Marelli (2014-2015, PDRA University of Bern; 2009, Ms. Sc. Chemistry and 2007 B. Sc. Chemistry, University of Milano, Italy)
Petra Simoncic (2010-2011, PDRA, Univeristy of Bern; currently research scientist at Heptagon Advanced Micro Optics, Zurich, Switzerland)
Anna Krawczuk (2010-2012, PDRA, University of Bern; currently research assistant at Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland)
Davide Tiana (2010, visiting PhD, University of Bern; 2007, Ms. Sc. Chemistry, University of Milano, currently lecturer at University College Cork, Cork, Ireland)
Shaun Evans (2011-2013; PDRA, University of Bern)
Abita Chimpri (2009-2013; University of Bern)
Maria Clara Ramahlo Freitas (2013-2014, visiting PhD studnet from the Fluminense University of Rio de Janeiro)
Martin Fisch (2013-2015, PDRA, University of Bern, now at Department of Geology, University of Bern)
Leonardo Humberto Rezende dos Santos (2012-2016, PhD student, University of Bern, currently at the University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Yannick Guntern (2016, Master Student, University of Bern; currently PhD student at EPFL)
Arianna Lanza (2013-2017, PhD student, University of Bern, currently post doc at the Italian Institute of Technology, Pisa, Italy)
Stefano Racioppi (2016-2018, visiting PhD student, University of Milan, currently PhD at the University of Milan, Italy)


"oft expectation fails,
and most oft there where most it promises..."
W. Shakespeare All’s Well That Ends Well.